Meetings Memo: Post-Event Packaging

Three ways to capture content from your meeting to use later.

Meetings often turn into information overload for attendees. But with a good post-event content strategy, you can make sure attendees—and even nonattendees—have the information they need at their fingertips back at the office. Here are three ways to make that happen:

Session summaries. Well-written session recaps can have incredible reach and effectiveness. Conferences that do this well have a content marketing strategy that shares recaps via print publications, newsletters, blogs, and social media. You could also package these and sell them, creating another meeting-related revenue stream.

Edited video clips. Capture entire sessions on video and then edit them down into shareable clips that are only a few minutes in length. Or ask speakers to stay behind for a few minutes after their sessions and video them highlighting the top three to five takeaways from their sessions.

Infographics. Hire a designer or use affordable online tools like or Piktochart to create infographics. Good infographics often are shared in social spaces, and some go viral, which helps extend your conference’s reach.


Samantha Whitehorne

By Samantha Whitehorne

Samantha Whitehorne is editor-in-chief of Associations Now. MORE

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