Social Media Roundup: Time to Close the Generation Gap

Getting different generations of coworkers to play nice. Plus: B2B marketers want to meet you, not tweet you.

What the Twitter feud between Miley Cyrus and Sinead O’Connor can teach associations about success, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup.

Closing the Gap

The catfight between queens of controversy Miley Cyrus and
Sinead O’Connor is more than water-cooler talk for the savvy association executive. While it is nothing new that certain older, wiser people have a tendency to grow frustrated with their younger, less-experienced coworkers, and vice versa, freelance writer and former association executive Deirdre Reid believes “both generations have much to learn from each other.” From adopting mutual respect to providing Gen Y employees with a more meaningful work experience, Reid provides five cross-generational guidelines for association leaders looking to bring boomers and millennials together. (ht @diedrereid)

Constant Chatter

Face time: We might live in the mobile generation, but B2B professionals say live events are still the best way to market content and network with colleagues. While you might not immediately think of your annual event as a form of content marketing, it surely is. Smarter Shift discussed the idea of live events as marketing tools in its weekly #ContentChat. What the chat revealed was that marketers enjoy meeting influencers in person. Participants mentioned the benefits of collaborating and engaging with others while also creating deep connections that are often missed through social media. Others discussed the importance of trust in an online/offline relationship and how individuals are more driven to work together when they have an opportunity to meet face to face. (ht @pcmaconvene)

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Alexis Williams & Alexis Davis

By Alexis Williams & Alexis Davis

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