Social Media Roundup: How to Make Telecommuting Work

Teleporting hasn’t come to be (yet), but telecommuting has. Here’s how to make working from home work for you. Plus: What to know about a new, emerging type of conference attendee.

Teleporting hasn’t come to be (yet), but telecommuting has. Here’s how to make working from home work for you. Plus: what to know about a new type of conference attendee.

Working from home is more than camping out in your PJs: There’s still a routine to follow to ensure your work gets done.

A few tips, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Office Hours

Home is a cozier cubicle: Tick the workplace technology boxes (video chatting, screen sharing) and it’s no wonder telecommuting is slowly becoming an office staple. But when working from home (i.e., not lounging in your sweats), it’s important to keep parts of your routine the same to ensure maximum productivity, writes’s Eric V. Holtzclaw. Telecommuting isn’t a license for sleeping in, he reminds; snoozing the alarm an extra hour or two “can throw you off task for the rest of the day and can be counterproductive to using your work-from-home day to get more done.” Set a separate space aside for work, letting everyone and everything else—the spouse who wants to chat or the nagging thought of the household chores still undone—know you’re unavailable. “If you are not present and active, your team may forget about you, and upper management may think that you are not doing enough while working remotely,“ Holtzclaw says. What routine do you follow when telecommuting? (ht @scriptilabs)

Future Forecast

Nope, teleporting hasn’t hit conferences either. (If only!) Instead, the future of conferences lies in something the Event Manager Blog’s Julius Solaris calls the “Vitruvian Attendee.” What the heck is that? First, think of Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic Vitruvian Man, then morph him into the kind of attendee that live-vlogs through his Google Glass, juggling a series of other nifty tech devices while flashing his digital badges and sipping his coffee. In other words, someone with never-ending energy and an appetite for tech. Start preparing now for your onslaught of Vitruvians. (ht @BIOEventsPR)

How have you shifted conference formats to appeal to new generations? Tell us in the comments.


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