Social Media Roundup: Add a Page to Your Branded Content Storybook

Tech13 reminds us of the importance of storytelling. Plus: Speaking the language of technology.

ASAE’s Tech13 reminds us of the importance of storytelling. Plus: speaking the language of technology.

Every organization has a story to tell. Thanks to the evolution of social media, associations have more resources than ever to get their message out. But, as attendees and speakers at ASAE’s 2013 Technology Conference & Expo pointed out today, there’s a difference between plying your audience with branded content and telling a story that resonates. The importance of authenticity, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup. For more on what’s going on at Tech13, check out our live coverage.

Be Real, Make Connections

Stories that matter: Research suggests that 90 percent of audiences find custom content useful. But that stat can be misleading. Organizations that simply push out content with the hope of gaining eyeballs or links aren’t likely to have the same impact as those that take the time to thoughtfully consider their audience and the problems they face. Think of ways to spur engagement through your content and call your members to action. Create connections by telling your story in a way that matters to the people who read it. And be creative. Not everyone is a born storyteller. But new media, including infographics, video, and other tools, can help your organization create and share its story in new and meaningful ways. What are you waiting for? Give it a try! (ht: @TimHops)

Tech Talk

DIY IT: You’ve surely been there: staring blankly at your computer screen, trying to remember one of a hundred different passwords, wrestling with technology when nothing you do seems to work. Your first inclination may be to call the IT director or help desk, but there’s bound to come a time when you have to rely on self-help tools provided by IT. That’s why it’s important for everyone to speak at least a little techie—and for IT pros to speak as much English as possible. Before Tech13 kicked off this week, Jay Daughtry of Personify interviewed John Mills of Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute and Dan Scheeler of the National Quality Forum about their scheduled session, “How to Sell Tech Ideas Better Internally.” The IT pros gave pointers on how to deliver detailed technology directions as brief bullet points as well as insight into why focusing on the tech itself may cause your coworkers to tune out. “When these sort of technical discussions come up, it’s incumbent on the technical people when they’re speaking with those that aren’t technically minded necessarily to avoid the long, detailed descriptions,” said Mills. How does your IT team explain technology to other staff? (ht @Personifycorp)

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