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Lunchtime Links: Marketing Trends to Start Your Year

By / Jan 9, 2014 (iStock/Thinkstock)

From email newsletters to Facebook updates, the outlets that nonprofit marketers rely on most. Also: why you shouldn’t ignore online advertising as a potential source for membership leads.

Finding new leads. Keeping the ones you have. Building a voice for your organization. Getting your industry’s message out there.

There are so many ways to market yourself, but what are the ones that matter the most? A few marketing trends to watch in today’s Lunchtime Links:

Keep an eye on the trends: What’s the biggest goal for nonprofit marketers in 2014? According to the just-released 2014 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report, it’s acquiring new donors, which 53 percent of respondents say is their most important goal. Other highlights of the study: Email newsletter articles are the biggest priority for marketers, with the task taking up 39 percent of their time, but Facebook updates are right behind at 33 percent. And while website articles are a somewhat smaller priority timewise compared to email and Facebook, websites remain the most prominent marketing communication channel, with 62 percent of respondents saying they are “very important” to marketing strategy. Check out the full infographic at Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog.

A missed opportunity? While social media is definitely a big part of the equation for drawing attention online, Marketing General’s Tony Rossell says that many associations are missing out on another big opportunity: online advertising. “The most recent Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report highlighted that only 14 percent of associations use search engine ads and only 12 percent use paid banner ads on other websites to create and build awareness of their association,” Rossell says. “There is a great deal of usage of association-sponsored social media sites, but in a sense this digital presence is preaching to the choir instead of targeting brand-new prospects.” Rossell offers tips for marketers who want to dip their toes into these waters.

The App Store’s growth: One market that’s definitely not too quiet right now? Apple’s App Store. According to an Apple press release, the company saw more than $10 billion in App Store sales in 2013, including a $1 billion haul in December alone. While Apple gets the headlines, ReadWrite says that Google Play, which took in $1.3 billion last year, is starting to steal some of its thunder—though it’s had some rough spots.

Where are you putting your marketing energy these days? Tell us in the comments.

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