Social Media Roundup: Make Your Event the Talk of the Town

What Tina Brown can tell you about pulling off a top-notch, engaging event. Plus: Give your members some love. Do it via social media.

What former Daily Beast editor Tina Brown can tell you about creating an event that’ll get folks talking. Plus: Give your members some love via social media.

Be the talk of the town by pulling off this year’s top-notch event. More in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Word From the Wise

Wow them: Former Daily Beast editor Tina Brown knows a thing or two about change and the impact it has on capturing an audience. As of late, the onetime magazine maverick has been channeling her know-how toward promoting live events—she launched a company to do just that last year. “I think live events are more and more popular. It’s the only place where you can have a conversation of any depth,” Brown told BizBash during the Professional Convention Management Association’s Convening Leaders conference earlier this month. “It’s something about the live event that makes people engage and stay in their seats, if you do your job right.” The secret lies in the art of engaging. For one thing, you’ll want to be picky about which moderators you select and how long speaker introductions trail on for. “Those long, flowery, boring introductions where all the energy in the room goes down are really a thing of the past. If you can do it with video or you can do it very punctually, you truly score points with the audience, because they want to get to the meat of the discussion,” Brown said. (ht @jmcapurso)

Tweet Beaucoup

#ThankYou: When it comes to thanking your supporters, there’s no time like the present—and no place like social media. “With the rise of technology, there are seemingly infinite ways to thank them, however we often fall into the trap of sending out the simple thank-you email,” TechImpact writes on its blog. Make your supporters feel appreciated by publicly acknowledging their generosity. Try hosting a Twitter chat to get followers active in the conversation and using that moment to drop the thank-you tweet. Some advice: “Pictures on Twitter feeds show up very prominently, and by adding a picture your tweet will immediately stand out from the rest,” TechImpact suggests. Want to take it up a notch? Make a video and share it. Platforms like Vine and Instagram enable easy upload and sharing capabilities. (ht @Tech_Impact)

How do you thank your members? Tell us in the comments.

Former Daily Beast editor Tina Brown. (photo via Financial Times/Flickr)

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