Social Media Roundup: How to Reel In the Membership Renewals

By / Jan 6, 2014 (iStock/Thinkstock)

Tips to nudge long-time members into renewing and prospective ones into signing up. Plus: There are 71 million millennials worldwide—making it a big pool to sift through when looking to boost the membership count.

Don’t get bogged down if your membership numbers aren’t exactly where you hoped they’d be. Instead, make January the month to launch an ambitious plan for the new year. Start by encouraging current members to re-up and reaching out to your prospects.

Membership tips and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

[Re]new year’s resolution

When it rains, it pours (but not always): It’s perfectly normal to have new members trickle into your organization a lot more slowly than they did when you first started, notes Capterra’s Leah Merrill. Here’s a resolution to add to your 2014 list: Don’t give up! Encourage your members to renew—and do it more than once and in more than one way, Merrill says. Channel your energy by targeting individuals most likely to re-register or sign up, and be clear with them about the benefits. Stick to a strategic plan, using membership management software to facilitate the process. And most important, measure the results. “Even if you’re doing all the right things in terms of membership marketing, it will not make a difference if you don’t track it,” Merrill writes. “Measuring results carefully allows the correct allocation of marketing funds as well as the best return for the money spent.” What’s your membership renewal strategy—and what tips can you offer others? (ht @CapterraMemMgmt)

Count Off

Bull’s-eye: If you’re looking to expand your membership pool to include a millennial cohort, your first step is getting into the hearts and minds (and digital footprints) of the tech-savvy generation Y. Here’s the anatomy of a millennial, according to Silverbear’s Dave Langran: They’re “money rich and time poor,” want information to be manageable and presented digitally, and are quick to make a decision—and even quicker to move on from it. Target millennials where they are (social media is king), and be fresh with your presentation, Langran suggests. Consider partnering with a big brand to run a campaign or offering free online seminars to prove your association “valuable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy to your new audience,” he writes. Persistence and dedication, with grain of patience, are key when targeting the generation flooded with a 24/7 information cycle. (ht @SilverbearLtd)

What efforts have you made to reach prospective new members lately? Tell us in the comments.

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