Social Media Roundup: The Art of Member Communication

By / Jan 27, 2014 (Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Thinkstock)

Get into your members’ minds by listening to what they have to say. Plus: Want to keep top talent in your employee ranks? Culture is key.

Communication: it’s at the core of any relationship, and a fundamental part of the one between you and your association’s members.

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Chit Chat

What to do when a member reaches out? Get your iCal out and pencil them in! Opening up dialogue with your members is key when tailoring your services to their needs, writes Associations Network’s Louise Clarke. Check in with your members consistently and implement a system whereby members can voice ideas and see that their suggestions are “listened to and acted upon,” Clarke writes. Perhaps most importantly, embrace change. It’s by accepting flexibility that your organization can improve and adjust to better serve the backbone of your association. (ht @Membership_Mgmt)

Prized Suggestion

With the right culture, everyone’s a winner. Want to attract and keep talented staff? Help build a winning culture by encouraging your employees to adopt an ownership mentality, writes business thought leader John Spence. His point: Employees are attracted by a place where it’s enjoyable to work and where colleagues are enjoyable to work with. Start by creating an office environment that makes staff feel welcome and appreciated. Be sure to highlight the unique contributions of individual employees to the team and acknowledge the value of their input to your organization’s functions. “[I]t is simply the way you treat your people, the way you engage them, and the respect you show all of your employees that make them feel safe, that they belong and that they are genuinely appreciated,” Spence adds. (ht @AwesomelySimple)

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