Social Media Roundup: Make Picture-Perfect Photo Picks

The pictures you post, and how they represent your association. Plus: Extend a warm hand when getting your new members on board.

As the age-old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. A thousand is a hefty number, but you’ll want to make each one count when posting images that represent your association.

Learn why in today’s Social Media Roundup…

Don’t Be Camera Shy

350 million a day: Shocking (or perhaps not), but that’s how many pictures get uploaded to Facebook daily, according to Avectra contributor Deirdre Reid. “We’re a visual culture. We create images with the cameras in our pockets. Our digital streams are full of images of real people in real situations shared by our friends, followers, fans, and even brands,” she writes. And when it comes to choosing images to represent your association—be it on your website or related social platforms—it’s vital to assess what meaning viewers might glean from what’s presented. “When we see an image that rings false, we take notice,” Reid notes. Instead of picking from stock photos, post your own pictures, she advises. You’ll want your photos to have a professional look to them, however, which means you might want to hire a photographer to take pictures at your conference—or perhaps even ask members if you can use their shots. (ht @deirdrereid)

Getting To Know You

Roll out the welcome wagon: When it comes to welcoming new members, make it a community effort to reach out and reel them in, writes Lowell Aplebaum of Association 141+. Ask yourself: What are the values that you want to impart to members? And how can you best offer a taste of them that’s more than text in a brochure? Sending a welcome letter and a personal greeting from your association’s CEO is a warm touch, Aplebaum suggests. But go further—offer new members access to an exclusive journal and get them involved in smaller groups within your association. They’ll feel like regulars in no time. (ht @torimillerliu)

Any tips for rolling out the welcome mat? Offer them up in the comments.

(photo by Guy Sie/Flickr)

Emma Beck

By Emma Beck

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