Friday Buzz: Take Small Talk Up a Notch

Online engagement keeps your members involved and gives them extra value. Also: Publicity professionals share pointers on how to gain more attention for events.

Retention involves constant engagement. And what better way to engage your members than by socializing with them online?

And it’s not just good for your retention efforts. The American Occupational Therapy Association’s Maggie McGary believes this interaction is valuable to members from an ROI standpoint—it’s a member benefit for them.

Reflecting on her presentation at the 2014 ASAE Great Ideas Conference with Socious’ Joshua Paul on her Mizz Information blog, McGary explains that to keep members coming back for more, association employees should commit themselves to more active participation, cross-promotion, volunteer collaboration, and other actions.

“Regular communication and cross-promotion are essential,” McGary writes. “A weekly email digest of posts of interest, questions that need answers, and mention of new resources in the community are a must to drive engagement and make participation in the community a habit.”

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“Target each pitch carefully”: BizBash writer Alesandra Dubin relays eight bits of advice from top public relations professionals who believe event planners can gain more exposure for their events by producing exclusive, captivating, quality content for the press to devour.

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