Friday Buzz: Find Better Ways to Respond to Members

It's not them, it's you. Curb online communication flubs before you lose another member. Also: An executive explains what adjustments associations can make to satisfy their members from different generations.

Even with a comprehensive online community management strategy, your nonprofit organization can still isolate and disappoint its members.

Socious Senior Director of Marketing and Strategy Joshua Paul explains that many associations make members feel unwanted and ignored by way of shameless self-promotion and self-righteous scolding in their online communities. Paul says associations must dump unapproachable attitudes and replace them with a more transparent, supportive vibe.

“When someone is new to your community, it might take them a few days of poking around and reading through different discussion boards to fully get their bearings,” he writes. “Be patient and remember that part of community management is relinquishing some control.”

Stay 10 Steps Ahead

“Associations have the opportunity to thrive in a changing environment—if they are willing to change.”

So says Maria Huntley, the director of education and training at IntrinXec Management. As millennials continue to stake their claim to the job market, many nonprofits are scrambling to adapt and grow with them.

Luckily, Huntley has a 10-step game plan to bridge the generation gap, complete with tips on what she says are important traits for “forward-thinking associations.” Check out her list over on the Multiview blog.

Other Good Reads

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Alexis Williams

By Alexis Williams

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