Wednesday Buzz: Boost Your Complaining Skills, Office Whiners

Promote change in your office by complaining effectively. Also: Help your volunteers help you by always giving them something to do.

When problems arise in your office, you can do one of two things: moan and groan in your cubicle, or take action.

Avery Augustine of The Muse offers a three-pronged approach to nipping gripes in the bud.

“Venting can be cathartic, but if you really want the problem to be addressed, you need to bring it to light the right way,” she says. “Constantly complaining to your manager or teammate won’t get you far—but respectfully pointing out an issue, explaining how it affects you, and suggesting a possible solution will put you on the fast track to a resolution.”

To avoid being labeled the perpetual office nitpicker or a presumptuous nagger, Augustine recommends that you do these three things: Reflect on the issue at hand, assess how significantly it impacts your daily routine, and keep your professional composure at all times.

Every Little Bit Helps

There’s no time to waste when hosting a conference, and your volunteers are more than happy to help. MemberClicks’ Sarah Hill says keeping them abreast of all assigned activities, as well as distinguishing their identification with colored shirts or badges, can eliminate any confusion.

Other Good Reads

It’s all in the details: According to Cvent Event Planning blog contributor Liz King, your conference website must offer everything from mini bios of your team members to the event’s dress code.

While disagreements are inevitable, JetBlue Airways Chairman Joel Peterson recommends confronting the issue from the first punch.

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? According to Scott Berkun, in the case of an innovative employee pressing a narrow-minded boss to think in new ways, a trial effort makes a smart first step.

Although there isn’t one key to success, Inc.com contributor Geoffrey James says a mixture of gratitude, commitment, and empathy helps open the door.


Alexis Williams

By Alexis Williams

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