Wednesday Buzz: Understand What Innovation Really Means

A management consultant shares why associations should learn about innovation before promoting themselves as experts. Also: an analysis of the integral roles managers play in employees' work lives.

All associations want to create unique and innovative content to share with their audiences. However, consultant Meredith Low believes many organizations don’t even know where to begin, risking their reputations as credible, creative visionaries.

For some, innovation may mean slight adjustments. For others, it might involve implementing a new strategy to make and promote a message. Yet to truly create something new, Low says associations should have three things: resources at the ready, permission to fail during the creative process, and autonomy among teams.

“If you are saying you want to innovate, but aren’t doing these things, what’s wrong with this picture?” she writes. “Is the management and resource allocation wrong? Or is it that the stated aspiration to innovate is quite different from the actual aspiration?”

Hands-Off Can Hurt

Zappos doesn’t need managers, apparently. Do you? Gallup Business Journal compiled research that questions the online retailer’s recent change in the chain of command to something called a “holacracy.” The research firm found that managers are responsible for 70 percent of the variance in employee engagement—and recommended that instead of getting rid of managers altogether, more authority figures might be a better idea.

“Bridging from logistical concerns such as materials and equipment to professional development requires a manager’s support,” consultant Elizabeth Kampf explained in her blog post. “A team manager has the proximity, authority, and expertise about his or her employees to implement change in their immediate environment. While employees are responsible for voicing their opinions, the best companies hold managers accountable for listening and responding to those opinions and creating positive change.”

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