Best Benefit Ever: Free Vision Checkups for Employees

By / Jun 10, 2014 (

The New England Human Resources Association gives members a benefit that helps their employees better see the world—literally.

What’s the benefit? Eye examinations that don’t require scrambling out of the office early to make it to the doctor’s office before closing. The New England Human Resources Association recently announced that its members will receive free access  to onsite visits and health fairs offered by Project 2020, a mobile eye care provider. For NEHRA members, that means the prospect of a quick vision exam without leaving work—along with the chance to try on and order new frames or contact lenses. The firm promises to prioritize onsite visits for NEHRA members.

Why it works for them: NEHRA prides itself on being the “largest, most influential professional HR organization in the Northeast,” and if it’s to maintain its status, the association has to keep ahead of the competition. The group already hosts an array of events and provides networking resources, so members’ professional well-being is accounted for. This benefit focuses on their physical well-being. And as any HR professional knows, all that paperwork isn’t going to read itself—NEHRA members and their coworkers need their vision to be in tip-top shape.

Other benefits: NEHRA members also can access the Aberdeen Benchmark Research Library, the Employment Law Information Center, the State and Federal Law Database, and a suite of publications and e-newsletters.

For the full list of benefits, head over to their website.

Morgan Little

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