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Monday Buzz: Big Questions From Small Membership Organizations

A sneak peek at a new study focused on the little guys. Plus: What's the deal with cybersecurity insurance?

Wild Apricot, which provides membership-management software, is in the midst of finishing its annual “Small Membership Survey Report.”

Before the full write-up is released, the company revealed a preview of its results Monday, detailing numerous topics and the questions and challenges at the forefront of organizations’ minds.

Today’s findings focus on the following question: “What is the one thing we haven’t asked that you’d like to find out from your peers at other small membership organizations?”

And the results range from member retention, sponsorship, and leadership to everything in between.

“How do you get grants that actually allow for a payroll—as we are ALL volunteers at our organization?” one respondent asked.

“How to keep volunteers engaged and enthusiastic? We have no trouble getting people to get involved, but participation wanes quickly,” another wrote.

“How do you reach donors who are in the 50- [to] 60-year-old range and are not tech savvy?” yet another asked.

For more questions and concerns, take a look at Wild Apricot’s blog post, and click here to sign up for your copy of the report.

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