Best Benefit Ever: Leveraging a New Member's Strengths

By / Jul 8, 2014 (iStock/Thinkstock)

The Software and Information Industry Association is launching a news curation service for an industry always on the lookout for fresh info. In the process, it’s using the benefit to give a new member some time in the spotlight.

What’s the benefit? Last week, the Software and Information Industry Association announced a new curated information resource for members with the help of news-focused startup Wiser, which launched this year and recently became an SIIA member. The service, which will rely on the curation skills of SIIA staffers, offers members access to niche information while giving them the benefits of a private community. “Wiser is for professionals and organizations that inhale news, information, and data throughout the workday,” the company’s cofounder and chief content officer, Andrew Whalen, explained in an interview. “Our customers use Wiser to monitor competitors and clients, discover issues, industry trends, and work tips, curate email digests, and foster employee and workplace engagement.”

Why it works for them: The effect is twofold. First, the new curation product creates a one-stop shop for industry news that’s relatively simple for the association’s staff to manage; second, it allows a new member of the association to get its foot in the door quickly. For its part, Wiser seemed excited by the opportunity. “We’re thrilled to be working with SIIA to offer Wiser as a membership benefit to foster community and engagement across the SIIA network,” Whalen added.

Other benefits: SIIA offers wide range of benefits that vary by the type of member. Most useful for software and information companies may be the association’s anti-piracy programs, which help members fight cases of intellectual property theft at corporations or online.

Smaller companies like Wiser are only part of the association’s community. SIIAalso counts heavyweights like Dell, IBM, and Accenture among its corporate members.

Ernie Smith

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