Thursday Buzz: Live Chat, Reddit-Style

The social network introduces a new real-time updating system that could prove inspiring for meme-friendly audiences. Also: video advice for Annual Meeting attendees on how to make the most of your time in Nashville.

As we pointed out the other day, the association world doesn’t fit neatly into the Reddit audience. But when a service is offering something as cool as Reddit Live, maybe it should.

Like Reddit itself, Reddit Live lends itself to a lot of conversation and a lot of chaos, but the two don’t work exactly the same. For one thing, updates include embeds such as tweets, and posts are designed to be shared within Reddit.

“These live threads exist outside of subreddits and are designed to be submitted, like any other link, to whichever (multiple) subreddits are relevant to the thread. Pictures, video, and more can be embedded in the updates by simply pasting a link,” the company states in a blog post.

The offering, in beta for the past few months, has already been used in impressive ways, such as this still-being-updated thread on Ukraine that dates back to February.

Check out this subreddit to get an idea of what people are using it for so far. It might inspire you a little.

Do Nashville Right

We’re within three weeks of the ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition, which means now’s the time to start thinking about all the stuff you need to pack, absorb, and comprehend. So you may want to heed some preconference advice from ASAE’s Megan Denhardt, CAE. It’s for first-timers but offers good nuggets even for veteran attendees.

“The trick to navigating the convention center and the conference itself is to pace yourself,” she says. “There are so many activities and events going on.”

Watch the clip above for some tips, and this page might be helpful too.

Other good reads

Business-oriented social networks like Yammer hold a lot of potential, but there’s one big problem: Many employees don’t use the dang things, according to CMS Wire‘s David Roe.

Speaking of social networks, a longtime second-stringer, Foursquare, just released a major update this week. Is it enough to get you on board?

Communicating with donors? Make sure the focus is on the person reading. At Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog, Kristina Leroux offers up a simple but effective way to check.

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