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Thursday Buzz: How to Boost Member Motivation

Gamification could provide that extra incentive for your members to stay engaged. Plus: What you should be asking prospective employees.

Chris Bucholtz, content marketing director for Relayware, takes a deep dive into the nature of motivation in a post over at CMSWire.

Instead of using incentives that rely on vast expenditures, Bucholtz suggests using gamification to minimize incentive costs. And though his focus is largely on vendors and their partners, the same principles apply for members of your association.

To continue their participation in your association’s events, and to renew their membership, individuals first need to be motivated. This motivation can come from the inherent value of the services your association is providing, but a little nudging can’t hurt.

“By presenting activities in a game-like context and by providing rewards for the completion of those tasks, you can motivate partner personnel toward the behaviors you want — without spending money,” he writes.

Illusory points, achievements, and the like can provide the same motivational boost as physical objects, but at a fraction of the cost, allowing those funds to be used for additional membership outreach or promotion.

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Life Is Good CEO and cCofounder Bert Jacobs tells Inc. Magazine what he believes are the most effective interview questions to ensure your new employees are passionate about their work.

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