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Social Media Roundup: An Overlooked Arsenal in the War for Talent

Organizations that plan to survive 21st-century competition need to put more focus on hiring women for leadership roles. Plus: Video app Vine opens the door to older film clips.

The lack of women in top leadership positions stretches from the Fortune 500 to nearly every possible economic sector. There’s no better time than the present to combat that pervasive trend.

why we need Women Leaders

When hiring and promoting leaders, organizations know they’re competing for the best and brightest talent available. But is your association looking in all the right places? The potential benefits of an inclusive hiring process are extensive, writes David Chavern, president of the U.S. Chamber Center for Advanced Technology and Innovation, in a blog post on the need for more women in technology leadership positions.

Without them, organizations are doomed to fail, he says.

“Leaders in the tech sector objectively know this. As do leaders in manufacturing, construction, transportation, and just about any other business sector you can think of. They also know from established evidence that companies with higher levels of gender diversity perform better than their competitors,” Chavern writes.

If opening your leadership positions to more women seems like a no-brainer, that’s because, basically, it is. As Chavern concludes, “There is no single winning attribute that all companies can simply copy. But driving higher levels of gender diversity isn’t impossible or even necessarily that hard.”

The challenge lies in following through on pledges to implement more inclusive hiring and recruitment practices. (ht @SarahSladek)

an Even Easier Vine

Using Vine just got simpler: The latest update to the social media video service allows people to import previously recorded videos into the app for editing and subsequent sharing.

We’ve written about the possible uses of Vine in the past, and video is only going to become a more important communication tool for associations in the future, so why not give Vine’s bite-size format a shot?

The update is now available for the app on iOS, with an Android update pending. And for those looking to contribute to a hashtag or see what others are doing, there’s #VintageVine, ready for all your newly repurposed archival footage. (ht @nycjim)


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