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Best Benefit Ever: A Legal Hotline for the Evangelical Press

Members of the Evangelical Press Association can now call on a higher power when looking for legal advice.

What’s the benefit? The Evangelical Press Association’s new program for reporters and editors of Christian publications is intended “to help guide these members as they establish their publishing procedures, navigate rights issues, and encounter other questions” related to publishing law, according to the association. The legal services provider, Flagler Law Group, will answer member questions via phone or email. To enroll, members must first have their EPA membership confirmed.

Why it works for members: Legal consultation is an expensive service, but for Evangelical Press members, Flagler Law Group’s help comes at a 30 percent discount. Members pay by the hour and can take up to five hours of an attorney’s time. And whatever the cost of the consultation, sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry when confronting fair-use rules under copyright law, libel, defamation, marketing clearances, and the countless other legal issues that affect print and digital publications.

Other benefits: Members gain access to exclusive conversations on certain social channels and shout-outs from the association’s social media accounts. They can also receive a one-on-one evaluation of their publication, participate in awards programs, and get a discount on the registration fee for the annual convention.


Morgan Little

By Morgan Little

Morgan Little is a contributor to Associations Now. MORE

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