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Monday Buzz: Pushing Proactive Customer Service

When it comes to addressing members' concerns, why wait until people complain if you're aware of the problem? Plus: presenting a buffet of social software solutions.

The meal may have been a little rough, but there was still time to save the day. Senior of Manager of Content Alexa Schirtzinger details an experience she had with food-delivery service Sprig. One night she and her husband ordered through Sprig, then waited, waited, and waited for their meal. But in the end, the couple didn’t contact the company to complain about the late delivery time.

Nevertheless, the next day they received an email from a member of Sprig’s team who had noticed the subpar delivery time.

“Just wanted to reach out and follow up on your order from last night. Very sorry for the late delivery, we were a little backed up on orders,” Kim, the Sprig employee, wrote.

The lesson to take from Alexa Schirtzinger’s experience? There’s value in making customer service more flexible and responsive, and not dependent on customers’ voicing their concerns before addressing them.

Schirtzinger contacted Sprig and heard back from team member Nick, who explained: “Within the support team we leave room for a lot of judgment calls. Instead of laying out rigid guidelines to follow, we trust each other to do what feels right and handle each situation in a manner on par with what we would want as a customer.”

So the next time a member has an issue with something like event registration or reaching resources they need to access, consider putting a system in place to make note of their issue and address it, even if he or she doesn’t call in or email to complain.

For her full post, check out Forbes Magazine.

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