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Best Benefit Ever: Dispensing Deposition Wisdom

Members of the State Bar of California have a resource to more effectively prepare clients for depositions.

What’s the benefit? It’s never been easier for associations to harness the power of video, and the State Bar of California is using that power to provide members with a tutorial on the basics of depositions. “The video is intended to be shown to witnesses who have not had their depositions taken before, or for whom a refresher course would be worthwhile,” the organization explains on its site. A deposition, for the nonlawyers out there, is oral testimony given by a witness that is later used in court or for the discovery phase of a trial.

Why it works for members: The legal system is complicated and unfamiliar for many witnesses. The video makes members’ day-to-day litigation work easier by explaining the deposition process and advising witnesses on how to provide good answers to deposition questions. Still, the State Bar cautions, the video “does not replace diligent witness preparation by lawyers and staff, but facilitates deposition preparation so that the lawyer’s time can be spent on the merits” of the case.

Other benefits: State Bar members also may take part in professional webinars and receive discounts on recorded updates about the latest in California state court proceedings. And they can register for “A Week in Legal London,” a program now in its 26th year, which provides a behind-the-scenes look into the British legal system and allows attendees to fulfill their mandatory continuing legal education requirement.


Morgan Little

By Morgan Little

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