Best Benefit Ever: Critical Advocacy Intel

A British security industry giant underscores the importance of legislative lobbying and member education on public policy issues.

What’s the benefit? Most associations engage in some form of advocacy to promote members’ interests to government. But the number of groups that can claim to have had a major influence on public policy is smaller, making effective representation all the more important. The British Security Industry Association makes sure its members have the updates and information they need to be engaged in BSIA’s lobbying efforts. One critical tool: Its legislative news database.

Why it works for members: The security industry, like many others, always faces the possibility of legislative and regulatory disruption, and BSIA “has sought to ensure that its members have an in-depth understanding of how clauses affect their type of business.” The association has proved its advocacy chops in the past. One example: the passage of the Private Security Industry Act in 2001, after more than 10 years of lobbying.

Other benefits: When it comes to business support, discounts, and networking events, BSIA has members covered with a long list of offerings. It also works to raise member profiles by sharing stories of how they have worked with institutions around the U.K. to improve security. For more details, check out BSIA’s an extensive video on membership:


Morgan Little

By Morgan Little

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