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Social Media Roundup: How to Evaluate a Constituent Management System

A new white paper offers pointers on picking a new membership and donor management system. Also: A social media celebration of our second birthday.

Choosing software solutions is always a difficult task, especially given the wide array of choices out there. So in today’s Social Media Roundup, we highlight a new white paper geared specifically to explaining membership software.

The Battle of the Membership Software

Advanced Solutions International (ASI), which provides recruitment, measurement, and engagement solutions to nonprofits, has a new white paper that focuses solely on how to make the best decision when evaluating constituent management systems. The report is titled “Not-for-Profit Executive Guide: Proven Strategies for Evaluating Member/Donor Management Systems.”

“If you ask nearly any association or not-for-profit executive today, improving member/donor engagement and increasing revenue performance/organizational efficiency are two of their very highest priorities,” the ASI report says.

Implementing a software solution is one way to meet those priorities, though actually identifying which company’s offering to run with for the next several years can be complicated.

According to ASI’s website, its white paper will teach readers “about how to use your own data and processes in a real-world testing environment to thoroughly vet a potential new system your organization might utilize for the next 7 to 10 years.”

Want to know more? You can access the white paper by signing up with ASI right here.

Celebrating our Second Birthday

Way back in October 2012, we relaunched Associations Now. Whereas last year, our cake was entirely digital and surrounded with our takeaways from the past 12 months, this year we celebrated with the real deal.

We can’t deliver on a promise of saving cake slices for everyone (and those of you who’d wait days to get it shipped from Washington, DC, likely wouldn’t want to eat it by the time it arrived, either). But we would love to hear what our readers think of the job we’ve done over the past two years!

Comment below, tweet us at @AssociationsNow, or send us a message on Facebook and provide your feedback! At the very least, we’ll send you back an emoji cake.


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