National Cat Day

Social Media Roundup: It’s National Cat Day!

Dog lovers, you may want to steer clear of social media today, as cat fans tweet and post like mad for National Cat Day. Plus: How to become a refined meeting moderator.

There are plenty of hashtags floating around Twitter, but few are quite as adorable as today’s spree of #NationalCatDay tweets celebrating the eponymous holiday. How are organizations hopping onto the feline bandwagon? Find out in today’s Social Media Roundup.

Celebrating #NationalCatDay

Hopping onto a particular hashtag can be a dicey enterprise for many organizations, because doing so runs the risk of appearing insensitive or out of touch. But #NationalCatDay is a bit safer, and some organizations are succeeding in their efforts to join in the celebrations.

But the biggest cat-related event of the day came from a partnership between ride-sharing company Uber and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The duo, with help from Cheezburger, has generated a ton of attention for its promotion delivering kittens to users in several U.S. cities. For $30 you can get 15 minutes to spend with the kittens, and all funds donated to participating shelters through Uber’s app will be matched by the company.

Here are some of our other favorite tweets from the day’s festivities, including our favorite unconventional marketing pro Taylor Swift. Want to see more? Follow the #NationalCatDay hashtag on Twitter.

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How to Control the Chaos of Your Meetings

Not familiar with the role of a meeting manager? Professional meetings coach Jan-Jaap In der Maur breaks down the job in a guest post for Event Manager Blog, in which he compares moderating meetings to conducting a symphony. They both require preparation and planning; they can’t rely solely on quick thinking and improvisation.

“A meeting moderator should dig deeply into the meeting design and the underlying goal,” he writes. “A great and [effective] event is designed with great care and into great details, and you – the moderator – are the one to make it an effective meeting by the way you execute this design.”

And how do these managers address individual participants?

“A good and effective moderation design will engage everyone, even the introverts,” der Maur advises. “It’s a process, starting with clear goals, a perfect meeting design and an extensive briefing of the moderator.” (ht @EventMB)


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