Social Media Roundup: How Algorithms Are Invading the Workplace

Could we all eventually be taking orders from finely tuned computer algorithms? One tech writer explores the possibility. Plus: It's time to start a diary.

Mathematical models play a big part in our daily lives: They fuel our searches, dictate the ads we see, and power our infrastructure. But could they also reside in the boss’s office?

Take a peek at what the workplace of the future could look like in today’s Social Media Roundup.

Your New Boss Could be an Algorithm

Meet the new boss, more mathematical than the old boss.

TechCrunch contributor Danny Crichton sees definite benefits of automating many aspects of the workplace, despite the huge cultural shift it would bring to work environments.

“It may seem weird that your human boss could be replaced by a computer, but that unfamiliarity is likely to be soothed by the freedom of the work that you will be able to do in the future,” he writes, describing a scenario in which workers can “cross marketplaces” to more easily tackle side projects or consulting gigs.

But this automation-enabled freedom may have an all-too-human cost, as many industries have already learned.

“Companies no longer account for their profits using rows of humans crunching numbers, and telephone operators are no longer a typical occurrence when we dial long-distance,” Crichton observes. “Up until now, automation has been far less common in white-collar and elite professions like medicine, law, banking, and consulting.”

Hop aboard his train of thought, associations: What tasks in your organization could be completed by the deployment of a powerful algorithm? We may not be living in an automated world quite yet, but it’s a possibility worth considering sooner rather than later.

For a deeper dive into the world of algorithms, read Crichton’s full post here. (ht @DannyCrichton)

If You Want to Remember It, Write It Down

If you’re looking to create the best content or to remember those great ideas that get forgotten just a few hours after they’re born, consider the old-fashioned strategy of writing things down.

“What this does is build a habit that eventually becomes a lifestyle. Just as ‘being fit’ or ‘eating healthy’ doesn’t happen until you establish a routine of going to the gym daily or cutting out soda, ‘being a writer’ doesn’t happen until your daily writing habit is so ingrained that it becomes intuitive,” contributor JJ Samp writes in a post for Business 2 Community.

After all, as Samp says, even incomplete thoughts and ideas “are some of the most valuable things you’ll produce.” Many big successes begin with a small idea! (ht @InclineMktg)


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