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Best Benefit Ever: Architects Gain Insider Construction Data

Members of the American Institute of Architects can keep tabs on industry analytics with a construction information provider’s treasure trove of data.

What’s the benefit? The American Institute of Architects has joined forces with commercial construction information provider CMD to provide members with a wealth of insider knowledge on the construction industry. This intel comes courtesy of a new tool, Insight for Architects, available exclusively to AIA members. With Insight for Architects, members can access hundreds of thousands of construction projects across the U.S. and review market analytics. Architects can also use the tool to view thousands of pre-bid projects, track desired projects, and stay on top of trends and forecasts. “CMD is a highly valued partner, and we are extremely pleased to collaborate with CMD for this new member benefit,” AIA CEO Robert Ivy said in a statement. “Insight for Architects offers our members important project-based intelligence that expands their network and business potential.”

Why it works for members: Having such an in-depth resource is already a boon for architects scoping out the U.S. commercial construction scene, and the tool’s exclusivity also creates a competitive advantage for AIA members. “CMD’s technology and data, accessed through the Insight for Architects tool, will provide firms both large and small with a strategic view into new opportunities and the competitive landscape,” CMD CEO Graeme McCracken said in a statement.

Other benefits: AIA members can augment their industry knowledge through every stage of their careers, be they recent graduates, veteran professionals, or just architecture enthusiasts. Members’ outstanding achievements are also recognized through the esteemed AIA Fellowship Program.


Julia Haskins

By Julia Haskins

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