Irving W. Washington III

Executive Summary: Irving W. Washington III, CAE

Irving W. Washington III, CAE, the director of operations for the Online News Association, talks about what's on his desk and his Oscar dreams.

My three goals for 2015

  1. Get active with ASAE’s Small Staff Association Committee
  2. Win the war on managing email
  3. Create my personal website

On my desk right now

Tchotchkes from all my conference travel

Associations Now

Financial statements and contracts

Certificate of completion for NTL Institute’s High-Impact Relationships course

Who I’m following on Twitter

@ramit (Ramit Sethi), @tferriss (Tim Ferriss), @energy_project

My media mix

Daily Beast, Flipboard, Pandora, Entrepreneur magazine

My favorite blogs

15FiveQuartz Daily BriefRichard Prince’s Journal-isms

What I do when I’m not at work

Crossfit and catch the latest new movie

If I weren’t doing this, I’d …

… produce the Oscars.

(Drake Sorey)

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