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Monday Buzz: Is It Time to Build an Association App?

If your association has resolved to build an app in 2015, make sure you haven't left key questions unanswered. Plus: Watch for the warning signs of underperformance.

If your association is considering building an app in the new year, you’ll want to read this Nonprofit Technology Network post from Ad Council content producer and web developer Zee Hoffmann Jones.

Creating an app for your organization may be appealing, especially due to the rampant proliferation of apps in recent years. But, as Jones warns, “just because there is an app for everything doesn’t mean there should be.”

Jones highlights three key considerations to keep in mind when deciding whether to create an app:

  • Who are your mobile users, and what drives their engagement?
  • What type of app are you thinking of building (native, mobile web, or hybrid)?
  • What are your budgetary limitations?

“My general rule of thumb is, if you don’t need to build a native or hybrid app, don’t: There are other ways you can make effective, influential mobile experiences that will probably be better for your organization’s goal and budget,” Jones writes.

For more insight on app construction, read Jones’ full post here.

Deadline of the Day

If you have insights or analysis that association publishers need to hear, you have until January 15 to submit your proposal for Association Media & Publishing‘s 2015 Annual Meeting & EXCEL Awards. You can download an application here.

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