Social Media Roundup: Ready for Potential Health Dangers?

Some considerations to make for your events in case there's a bug floating around. Also: Does your office match your association's personality?

Health dangers are everywhere, and it’s important to keep those in mind as you’re planning an event.

Plus, suggestions on how to organize proactively in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Plan for the Worst

Hey, you never know what you might have to deal with, so it’s always a good idea to have a contingency plan.

That’s the insight EventMarketer has to offer on health and safety issues at events. In her latest blog post, the publication’s Sandra O’Loughlin explains how one marketing agency, ignition, has handled events around the world considering the potential risks that the public may face in a big public space. (That includes Ebola, though it doesn’t necessarily have to be anything that serious.)

Whatever crops up, ignition’s Mikey Hersom suggests staying calm.

“A lot of times, we don’t really understand the needs or are ignorant to what the local situation is,” Hersom told the publication. “You have to be very pragmatic and fact-based and make decisions based on local intelligence, then make decisions that not only affect your team and staff, but also the program and the client.”

Read on to learn about the benefits of building a IMCR (Incident Management and Crisis Resolution) plan for your event. (ht @EventMarketer)

An Office That Engages

If you have an office that’s all your own, it’s important to make it a place that matches your association’s vibe.

MemberClicks’ Sarah Hill says that an office reflecting your personality matters—and can create good mojo for both your employees and members.

“When you decorate your office, speak to that vibe,” she explains. “Don’t think that it all has to be fun and free, either. If your association is more formal and buttoned up, don’t pretend to be Google with pinball machines and a keg. But if your association skews a little younger and more casual, decorate accordingly.”

Read on for more of Hill’s tips. (ht @CivicaUSA)


Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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