Tuesday Buzz: Understand What Attracts New Prospects

Prospective members are looking to solve problems. Is your association offering the right solutions? Also: the latest AMS trends.

Can you predict what your prospective members need? If so, you might be able to win them over.

In a post on his Membership Marketing Blog, Tony Rossell, senior vice president of Marketing General, says that people seeking a remedy for a problem are often the people you’re trying to reach.

The challenge that associations face is anticipating what potential members’ problems are and showing that membership in the organization is just the way to solve them.

“Why is joining the best value for the money compared to the other options that are under consideration?” Rossell asks. “What are the immediate and longer-term benefits of membership? What is the key promise that the association can deliver that no one else can match?”

Hop over to Membership Marketing Blog to get a full picture of the steps that can turn a prospect into a member.

Infographic of the Day

Trends in Association Management Systems

So what’s hot in the world of association management systems? Personify, anĀ  association management software provider, knows a thing or two about the topic. In a new infographic released this week, it highlights trends that will define AMS platforms in the new year. Based on Lehman Reports’ 2014 AMS Market Study, Personify notes that while associations find AMSes easy to use and integrate, they still find them lacking in a few key areas, including mobile access and engagement scoring. Increasingly, associations are leaning on vendor-hosted solutions.

On February 17, Lehman Reports founder Tom Lehman will host a webinar with Personify to go over the results of the survey. Interested? Sign up here.

Other Links of Note

Direct messages just got a huge upgrade. Twitter’s new group-messaging system allows up to 20 people to have a conversation in a single private chat. That’s about 18 more users than were previously allowed.

We always wait for the big ideas to crop up, but perhaps we should focus on the smaller ones. Author Scott Berkun argues that those small notions can turn into big stepping stones.

Phone notifications driving you crazy? The app Pushbullet, which was just released in a Mac version, could help by putting those notifications on your laptop, too, in a place that’s easier to manage.


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