National Association of Memoir Writers

Best Benefit Ever: A Promotional Boost for Memoirists

Members of the National Association of Memoir Writers have a new opportunity to promote themselves and their work.

What’s the benefit? Writing a book is an impressive accomplishment, but the work doesn’t end when the final chapter is complete. No matter how grueling it may be, self-promotion is a critical part of the publishing process. But members of the National Association of Memoir Writers can focus more on their craft and less on promotion, thanks to a new benefit from the organization. Each month memoirists will have the chance to be a “featured member” on the NAMW website and in the newsletter. Members can use that opportunity to discuss their writing and include links to their website or blog.

Why it works for members: Every writer needs ways to promote his or her work, and now NAMW members can supplement their own marketing with exposure on two additional platforms. “Everyone is talking about platform these days—I’m sure you keep hearing about how important it is to create networks where people have heard of you and your work,” NAMW founder and president Linda Joy Myers writes in her announcement to members. “Writers are encouraged to start a blog and be active with one or two social media networks where you connect with an audience.”

Other benefits: Members can take also advantage of free recordings of live monthly teleseminars, free e-books, and discounts on workshops, online classes, and webinars, among other benefits NAMW has to offer.

Julia Haskins

By Julia Haskins

Julia Haskins is a contributor to Associations Now. MORE

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