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Monday Buzz: The Sharing Economy’s Impact on Events

Are the events industry and the sharing economy a match made in heaven? Or is sharing putting a drag on events? Plus: the fundamentals of good brainstorming sessions.

From hotels to taxis to employment, the so-called sharing economy is disrupting industries around the world.

But as sustainable event specialist Shawna McKinley notes, shared resources and spaces have been hallmarks of event planning for years. Nonetheless, many elements of the modern sharing economy are creating new opportunities and raising new challenges for event planners. In a post for Event Manager Blog, McKinley lists the ways 21st-century sharing has disrupted events:

  1. The internet and mobile technology have magnified sharing potential exponentially.
  2. Concerns that users have had about safety and quality of sharing services are declining through better user rating systems and social media integration.
  3. Apps can dissolve the planner’s role and influence in arranging core services like rooms and transport.
  4. Traditional regulation, licensing, and taxation models are struggling to respond to new sharing services in ways that addresses unfair advantages, such as room rentals that circumvent hotel taxes or share-cars that don’t require taxi licensing.

But are all of these changes a net gain for event planners? Read McKinley’s full post to see her conclusion.

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