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Wednesday Buzz: Does Event Success Hinge on Industry Strength?

The foundations of your industry have a huge influence on your association's events. Plus: How to combat complainers.

Trade associations, take note: If you recently held an event that had underwhelming attendance, unimpressive engagement, or little post-event momentum, you should evaluate each and every part of your event-hosting process.

But Bear Analytics CEO Joe Colangelo goes in depth about another key driver of event success or failure: the overall performance of your industry. If business is booming and excitement is spreading, your event will likely be buoyed by these larger trends. But there is a downside to this influence.

“This effect can of course be a double-edged sword: Despite executing a flawless event with top-notch content, you may have a down year if your industry’s macroeconomics aren’t so hot,” he writes in a guest post on Social Fish.

To monitor industry strength, Colangelo recommends keeping an eye on nascent innovation at a university level, the performance of public companies, and the flow of investments through resources such as AngelList and the National Venture Capital Association.

“Market momentum can work for your event or against it. As your industry churns, remember to use these public and private sector cues to gain insights into the impact they can have on your event. The benefits of aligning your event with your market’s momentum can help drive growth and loyalty for years to come,” Colangelo concludes.

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