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Wednesday Buzz: A Double Dose of Volunteer Wisdom

Are your volunteer development and retention efforts underperforming? Consider these possible solutions. Plus: how to get the most out of consultants.

Volunteer efforts are always appreciated. But one of the biggest hurdles is often the training and professional development required to turn eager volunteers into effective workers.

In a guest post for VolunteerMatch, Alec Green, chief marketing evangelist at Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation, says online training can help solve those professional development difficulties.

“More and more, online training is becoming a popular solution to this challenge,” he writes. “That’s because it’s getting easier to do. Free e-learning resources such as NonprofitReady.org are available for nonprofits. (That particular open online learning site includes 200+ learning resources covering all the major job functions in the nonprofit sector!)”

But once volunteers are trained, you need to hold on to them. Isabel Williams, a human resource specialist at BizDb, has her own post on VolunteerMatch that outlines the five ways your organization can easily lose volunteer interest:

  1. Lack of clear organization
  2. No concrete goals
  3. Failing to recognize their contribution
  4. No strong leadership
  5. Lack of training or investment

For more on the subject, read her full cautionary tale of disorganized organizations and fleeing volunteers.

Study of the Day


Do marketers actually know which channels are netting them the best returns? Emarketer highlights a Webmarketing123 study that finds that despite the analytics suites available for digital channels, many marketers are still in the dark about how their efforts affect bottom lines.

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