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Best Benefit Ever: Accreditation for e-Learning Projects

Members of the eLearning Industry Association can have their independent virtual learning projects reviewed and accredited.

What’s the benefit? As more educators explore the possibilities of online learning, maintaining high educational standards remains as important as ever. Thanks to a new benefit from the eLearning Industry Association in Australia, members can now receive course reviews of, and accreditation for, their e-learning projects. Accreditation reviews are handled by “commercially neutral but qualified evaluators,” according to the association. The categories of accreditation range from “basic certification of attendance to a thorough quality assurance.”

Why it works for members: Review and accreditation can give an extra layer of credibility to virtual learning projects, demonstrating their value alongside proven, traditional classroom education. “This service is becoming essential with e-learning proliferating [in] almost every area of life and new learning paradigms continuously evolving,” eLearning Industry Association President Simon Hann said in a statement. “If we want Australia to be seen as a center of excellence for e-learning, quality assurance will become an integral component of e-learning projects.”

Other perks: eLearning Industry Association members can supplement their virtual learning projects with other benefits, including webinars, research access, networking opportunities, and more. Plus, the accreditation program offers an example of how educational associations in other countries can take part in the transition to more digitally focused education.


Julia Haskins

By Julia Haskins

Julia Haskins is a contributor to Associations Now. MORE

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