Tuesday Buzz: An Event Without Chairs

Why a room full of chairs could be a conversation killer at your next event. Also: tips for avoiding social media boredom.

Trying to get people to network? Make sure there isn’t a place to sit down.

That’s just one piece of advice that Orthotics Prosthetics Canada Executive Director Dana Cooper, MBA, CAE, has to offer for livening up an event. In a blog post for the Ottawa-Gatineau chapter of the Canadian Society of Association Executives, she points out that people can’t move around and get to know one another when they’re seated in small groups.

“Networking is about circulating and meeting as many people as possible to find those nuggets of value,” she writes. “It is increasingly difficult to do this in a group of four to six others seated at the same table.”

If you do have to make room for chairs, she suggests putting them around the sides of the room, rather than in the center. Read her full blog post for more tips.

Don’t Be Boring

Does your content inspire snores? If so, you may be at risk of your Twitter flock taking flight.

“Social media is, after all, social. And the cardinal sin in any social setting, whether online or in person, is to bore the people around you,” CQ Roll Call‘s Glen Justice explains.

The publication’s Connectivity blog has a useful graphic detailing how you can avoid being boring on social media—including leveraging videos and curating effectively. (ht @CQConnectivity)

Other Links of Note

“No matter where you land with the concept, being a jack of all trades has plenty of benefits for those who want to try and do it all.” Lifehacker‘s Patrick Allan reveals the pros (and cons) of being able to do a little bit of everything.

Your website plays a big role in member engagement. MemberClicks’ Callie Walker explains how to make your site more effective for this purpose.

And don’t forget the emails, either: Inc. contributor Jeremy Goldman outlines the elements that make a great business email.

Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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