Monday Buzz: How to Enter a New Era of Collaboration

Learn some lessons in how to improve your association's ability to work together. Plus: why you should embrace the walk and talk.

More than ever, organizations have the means for employees, leaders, and volunteers to communicate and work collaboratively. But for many, efficient, effective cooperation remains a pipe dream.

“In short, great workforce collaboration has become a major competitive differentiator today,” Adjuvi Chief Strategy Officer Dion Hinchcliffe writes in a post for CMSWire.

So how can your association fully integrate team collaboration?

Hinchcliffe brings up “social business,” which he describes as “the holistic and dynamic self-organization of the workforce using social tools to rapidly come together as communities.” Good examples are the conversations taking place on instant messaging and content management platforms such as Slack and Chatter.

But social business isn’t perfect.

“The first issue is that unlike earlier forms of broad-based digital communications like email, social platforms for the enterprise don’t generally talk to each other well, or at all,” Hinchcliffe says.

For his full insights into collaboration, read his full post here.

Tweet of the day

It’s MLB’s opening day, and with the #OpeningDay hashtag the league is giving organizations a way to leverage the hype. But as this inapt tweet from Hostess reminds us, you want to make sure your social postings don’t swing and miss.

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