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Wednesday Buzz: The Eternal Importance of Narrative Storytelling

Every brand has a story, but how can you make sure yours is properly conveyed? Plus: A survey reveals the impact of correcting misinformation.

What makes the difference between a compelling story and an ineffective one?

Jeff Swystun, whose agency, Swystun Communications, focuses on business and brand strategies, dives into the history of brand narratives in a post on Business 2 Community.

“Narrative psychology is why brands are constructed with values meant to match those of desired consumers, why brands communicate much about who buys them, and why we all share our preferences and desires in conversations online and off,” Swystun writes. “Narrative psychology assumes that our experiences are filled with ‘meaning’ and captured in stories more so than stark logical arguments or strict lawful formulations.”

It’s because of that compelling psychological pull, Swystun says, that storytelling has become vital for brands.

In that vein, he quotes Bernadette Jiwa, the author of Difference, who summarized the importance of storytelling as “more than a narrative. It is much more than the copy on your website, the words in a brochure, or the sales presentation used to gain customers. Your story isn’t only what you tell people. It is what people believe about you based on the signals your brand sends and the interactions they have with the brand.”

When you step back and take a critical, unbiased look at all the moving parts of your association and all your touchpoints with members and constituents, what story are you really conveying?

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The American Press Institute has released two studies on the prevalence of false information and the effectiveness of efforts to correct it. The good news: Although many people hold erroneous public policy beliefs based on misinformation, people can be enlightened when provided with the facts.

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