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13 Hidden Conference Gems

Tired of the cities where you've hosted conferences so often? Consider these 13 relatively unsung meeting destinations as you plan your next event.

In the latest issue of Associations Now, we looked at three cities that are surprisingly robust meeting venues: Pittsburgh, Reno, and Detroit. Each boasts a wide array of accommodations that rival those of popular destinations like Las Vegas, Chicago, and New York.

With some help from Cvent‘s 2014 list of the Top 50 Meeting Destinations in the United States, we’ve added a few more to the list. Take a look at these 13 event destinations you may not have considered before.

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A Few sneak peeks

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National Harbor, Maryland: You may not think that an area with a population of less than 4,000 could host a major association event, but National Harbor is full of surprises. Outdoorsy types can ride bikes along the Mount Vernon trail that leads across the Woodrow Wilson Bridge into Alexandria, Virginia, and continues into downtown Washington, DC.

Chandler, Arizona: Once largely devoted to ostrich farms, the legacy of which remains with the Chandler Chamber Ostrich Festival, Chandler is now a hub for golfing and spas. With plans for future growth already in place, Chandler seeks to define itself as more than just a suburb of Phoenix.


Coronado, California: This locale is unique not only for its gorgeous beaches and scenic views, but also for its structure. The city is an island and tombolo, a narrow strip of land that connects it to the mainland. Linked to downtown San Diego by the San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge, Coronado offers a mix of work and play, with professional events taking place downtown and leisurely networking occurring on the beaches.


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