Thursday Buzz: Don’t Leave Your Members Hanging on Social

American businesses are ignoring customer service queries on social networks, a study finds. Plus: Let's make live-tweeting at events work for everyone.

About 67 percent of consumers flock to social media networks to talk about their recent purchases and customer service experiences, thinking they’ll get an instant response.

But it can be hard for companies to keep up with the comments and questions. So just how well do companies respond? Social firm Socialbakers looked at 6.5 million tweets and 1.4 million Facebook posts aimed at U.S. businesses in the first three months of 2015 to find out.

According to the firm, people tend to post more queries on Twitter than Facebook, but company response rate is the opposite: U.S. companies ignored about 80 percent of posts on Twitter, while they answered 60 percent of questions on Facebook.

Worldwide, customer queries did better, with a third of Twitter questions and three-fourths of Facebook questions being answered by businesses.

How can associations learn from this? Customers don’t like to be left hanging. Twitter and Facebook have introduced new features that could improve customer service.

A direct message on Twitter can be sent by anyone, to anyone, even if the two aren’t following each other, as long as the recipient opens up their DM inbox (nudge). And with DMs soon shedding their 140-character limit, the excuses for not using Twitter are starting to fade.

Meanwhile, Facebook announced Business on Messenger to facilitate communication between companies and customers.

Let’s Talk Live-Tweeting

Want to talk about live-tweeting your event? Awesome! Callie Walker at MemberClicks has a few tips for anyone who wants to provide real-time updates at an event.

Walker says you should alert all followers ahead of live-tweeting. “This will let your interested followers know when to pay attention and give your non-interested followers a heads up,” she explains.

Handy Links of the Day

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“Networking is an art very few people master,” says Diana Kucer, LinkedIn’s director of global product marketing. She shared her tips about the topic with contributor Jeff Haden.

It’s vacation season. But … but … work! Lifehacker hosts a Harvard Business Review piece from Elizabeth Grace Saunders on how to reach vacation bliss without the work stress. Make it a trip with a true “out of office” mindset.


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