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Wednesday Buzz: A TSA PreCheck Reminder

With plenty of summer days left to go, the Transportation Security Administration is continuing its PreCheck push. Plus: email marketing advice, in podcast form.

Earlier this year the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced that more than 1 million travelers had registered for its time-saving PreCheck program. Now, as the summer goes into full swing, the agency is pushing to raise that number even higher with a new campaign to draw more on-the-go Americans.

For the uninitiated, the TSA’s PreCheck program allows vetted travelers to move more quickly through separate security screening lines and to skip standard protocols, including removing belts and laptops during preflight security checks.

To raise awareness of the program, the TSA will be sharing two new ads, one of which can be seen below, that explain the basic benefits of signing up.

So if you still have some summer traveling on the books (perhaps to the ASAE Annual Meeting and Exposition in Detroit), find the closest application center among the 300-plus locations nationwide, get the paperwork sorted out, and remove some of the hassle from your trips.

Podcast of the Day


Heather Solos, the community manager of email marketing firm FeedBlitz, recently sat down with membership communication strategist Beth Brodovsky for the latest entry in the Driving Participation podcast. Their conversation sparked a ton of insights, and you can listen via either of the links above or read a transcript here [PDF].

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