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Monday Buzz: The Secrets of Nonprofit Social Media Success

Nonprofit communications pros reveal the wisdom behind their craft. Plus: How to breathe new life into your event giveaways!

Struggling to develop a strategy to get your organization’s voice heard amid the din of online conversations? Then look no further: SproutSocial’s Strategic Guide to Social Media for Nonprofits, brought to our attention via this repost on SocialFish, dives deep into each of the moving parts that enable nonprofit social campaigns to gain traction and engage audiences.

The guide, rife with insights from five nonprofit communications pros, offers a step-by-step breakdown of how to plan, execute, and analyze social media campaigns.

For example, nonprofit consultant Beth Kanter provides insight into how to make social more strategic.

“Social media shouldn’t be out there alone; it should be integrated and aligned with your strategic goals and target audiences,” she advises. “The role that it can play really well is engagement, especially donor engagement and donor retention, getting people to pay attention—capturing their attention.”

And as fundraising coach Marc Pitman points out, social media is about more than just a handful of networks.

“Facebook could change the rules; Twitter could shut down. You should have a healthy mix of content that points back to your site and helps your email list where you give away helpful content—an ethical bribe,” he says. “Then, you can track how many people are coming from social and signing up or taking action.”

To explore the eight-step guide in full, click here.

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