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Tuesday Buzz: The Secrets to Making Bland Brands Grand

Google's big announcement has organizations wondering how you make your brand pop. Plus: What #assnchat is up to during #ASAE15.

Brand loyalty is not something to be given up lightly, yet Google announced Monday that it will change the context of the name that has made a permanent impact on the English language and the nature of the internet.

The decision to make Google a subsidiary of a larger entity, named Alphabet, is prompting other companies to take another look at their own brands for innovative opportunities. But how do you re-create your brand successfully?

On B2B Marketing, Rebecca Scully, managing director of PR firm Smarts Illuminate, explains how to rebrand without hurting your organization.

There are a total of seven tips, including taking stock of your brand’s strengths and weaknesses and using industry partners to help promote your organization’s new identity. As always, communication is key.

“Ultimately there is no point in changing anything if you are not going to tell your target markets about it or work at instilling the change internally,” Scully said.

And at the end of the day, those changes don’t have to be drastic for businesses to reap the rewards.

“While they may not need a complete overhaul, brands can benefit from incremental improvements as long as the changes are based on real understanding and geared to strengthening its appeal or reaching out to new markets,” she said.

#Assnchat of the Day

While tons of association pros are keeping an eye on the #asae15 hashtag, the weekly #assnchat continues unabated! Online community-solution advisor Eric Hatch took the reins today to lead a discussion on membership retention.

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As Google undergoes its latest transformation, take a look back at the history of Google headers to see how the search engine has altered its own logo over the years.

The new logo for Alphabet. (Credit: Alphabet)

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