Friday Buzz: Make RFPs Better for Everyone

Ideas to ensure the RFP process doesn't drive either you or your potential vendors crazy. Also: offbeat signs that you're an association exec.

Your RFP shouldn’t stand for “really freaking painful.”

Instead, it should stand for “request for proposals.” However, your proposal process could cause pain if you’re not careful.

If it feels like pulling teeth, the latest blog post from Permitsy could be a good way to improve the process for everyone involved—from your association to the vendors and consultants who are vying for your business.

“The downside is that RFPs involve a lot of work both from the vendor and for you,” the company’s Ashley Cote writes. “Many vendors don’t participate in the RFP process because it is so time consuming and costly—preferring other methods such as referrals, word of mouth, demonstrations, and other methods of connecting.”

Be sure to check Cote’s full post to get ideas—possibly finding a few alternatives that aren’t nearly as annoying or painful. (And if you’re looking for more on the subject, check out my blog post and this advice from Addy Kujawa, CAE, executive director of the American Association of Orthopaedic Executives.)

Most Accurate Association Blog Post Ever

Yes, yes, we know … The #assnchat hashtag sounds a little off-color for those not in the know. But for those who are in the know, it’s more than appropriate—it’s practically necessary. And MemberClicks blogger Callie Walker recognizes that, as well as a bunch of other signs that you might be an association pro, in her latest blog post. (By the way, we are totally honored by the mention. Just saying.)

Other Links of Note

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By Ernie Smith

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