Monday Buzz: Putting the Real Back in Real-Time Marketing

Using a mix of theatrics and marketing techniques, a New York cooperative takes an old-school approach to marketing. Plus: Five venues that understand what it takes to provide best-in-class WiFi.

Marketing has evolved with the onset of the digital age. An expanding suite of tools that track consumer habits online, coupled with better integration of big data, has upended many traditional marketing methods. But for New York City-based branding group Kaluk, there’s still merit in advertising the old-fashioned way.

The New Yorker‘s Betsy Morais has a story about her experience covering the young marketers, who hold fast to the belief that live performance can be as powerful as a digital post.

Kaluk, which officially broke into the industry over the summer, is designed to run as a cooperative, focusing on theatrical stunts to promote brand awareness.

“A lot of it is creating live-action commercials on the street,” Reg Flowers, who teaches Kaluk members role-playing, told Morais.

“You could have written everybody a blast message, but I’m pretty sure they get about 50¬†of those a day,” Kaluk member Tyshawn Ortiz said after an evening performance to promote the Red Hook Community Reconstruction Planning Committee‘s initiative promoting a backup microgrid. “They’re going to remember that dancing robot.”

Tweet of the Day

Conferences are all about making connections, and, for many attendees, connecting to WiFi is as important as networking. That’s why Event Manager Blog contributor Padraic Gilligan celebrates these five venues for doing WiFi “the right way.”

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