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Best Benefit Ever: A Treasured Archive for Coin Collectors

Coin lovers rejoice! The entire archive of a historic publication devoted to coin collection and study has been republished online, thanks to the help of its parent association.

What is it? Coin collecting and history go hand in hand. The study of antique currency depends greatly on the unearthing of new archives, new collectables, and new reference points. That’s why the American Numismatic Association (ANA) has dusted off 127 years [PDF] of its publication The Numismatist and published them online. But it didn’t just dump the text into a simple web template. As the ANA said in its announcement, “The online edition looks exactly like the printed originals, allowing you to experience The Numismatist in its historical context.”

Why it works: As CoinWeek editor Charles Morgan wrote in a post celebrating The Numismatist‘s digital rebirth: “Back catalogs of coin periodicals are usually fodder for the most hardcore among us, but the ease with which this content can now be delivered at the push of a button means that collectors of all skill levels can discover valuable information about their favorite coins or personalities.” Plenty of association publications are out there, but few have back catalogs with as much modern-day relevance as The Numismatist. Morgan’s post even includes some essential articles members should check out ASAP.

Other benefits: ANA members don’t just get access to The Numismatist‘s archives; they also get exclusive access to each new issue as it is published. And to further improve their knowledge about the field, members can access educational resources through workshops held with the Florence Schook School of Numismatics.

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Morgan Little

By Morgan Little

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