Wednesday Buzz: One CEO, Two Publicly Traded Companies

Jack Dorsey shows it’s possible to run two companies at once. Plus: how to come back to work not dreading that email inbox.

Talk about a crazy role model.

Microblogging platform Twitter and mobile payments system Square are publicly traded companies managed by one person: Jack Dorsey.

How does he do it? The companies aren’t exactly easy to manage, what with investors worrying about Twitter’s challenges in growing its audience and Square struggling to gain a foothold in a crowded payments industry.

Dorsey plows through company-related demands by sticking to a rigorous and structured schedule that allows for only six hours of sleep a night, the Wall Street Journal reports.

After his morning coffee (Blue Bottle all the way), Dorsey divides his time: Twitter in the morning, Square in the afternoon. Meetings are conducted during car rides, over the phone, or at company headquarters. Dorsey also tends to leave when his allotted time for a meeting ends, even if it’s still going.

It’s like this every day. Dorsey relies on meditation and exercise to help keep him grounded.

The situation isn’t unheard of: Steve Jobs managed both Apple and Pixar during the height of their respective successes. Dual management does force some compromises, however.

“A classic CEO should have his hands in everything: financials, operations, personnel,” Eric Flamholtz, a professor at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, told the Journal. (Dorsey knows this; he gets reports from the vital departments at both companies.)

But managers know that pressure is on to produce results and please investors. “The results will be apparent over the next few quarters,” Suhail Rizvi, an investor in both Square and Twitter, told the Journal through a spokesperson.

Wish him luck.

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Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey. (cellanr/Flickr)

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