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Tuesday Buzz: How to Keep Event Staff From Burning Out

Event season will soon be in full swing, and as every event professional knows, it can be exhausting. Just in time come these survival tips. Plus: a day in the life of a nonprofit communicator.

As the calendar becomes increasingly clogged with events, conferences, and meetings, it’s essential to take a moment and consider the well-being of those orchestrating all of these affairs. While your association preps for its next big occasion, are your event planners on the verge of exhaustion?

“Burnout is a common occurrence in many creative fields, including event planning,” Jeannie Power, cofounder of Power Event Group, writes in this Event Manager Blog post. “As planners, we run the gauntlet of stressful situations: financial decisions and their impact, long hours, difficult people, lots and lots of decisions, extreme levels of multitasking, and never-ending details.”

The concept of recognizing when to shift or just leave work, as strange as it may sound, is central to Power’s advice, because making every decision, taking on every task, is bound to lead to burnout. Thus, it’s essential to delegate.

“Sometimes, it feels like it takes more work and time just to be able to delegate tasks to someone else,” Power admits.

“I already know what I need to do, how it needs be done, and am confident I can do an awesome job at it. Why give it to someone else when I can do it better and quicker? That may sound pretty vain, but I’m sure I’m not alone in this feeling,” Powers writes, emphasizing that despite your confidence, no one person can do everything needed to plan an event.

For more advice on how to say no to new tasks when your schedule’s already full, and how to foster interests outside of work, check out her full post here.

Routine of the Day

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