AIA Looks to Make Architects Better Industry Advocates

SpeakUp, the newest event offered by the American Institute of Architects, will focus on teaching members the ins and outs of advocacy to help them better advocate for the industry and profession.

The American Institute of Architects knows its members are the industry’s best advocates. To better prepare them to promote the profession and community to lawmakers, AIA is launching a new event to sharpen their legislative skills.

SpeakUp, taking place in Washington, DC, in July, will provide participants with training on strategies for reaching out to legislators on issues important to the architecture industry. Sessions will be in-depth and will involve a series of team-building workshops, some of which will include actual political officials, who will critique attendees’ lobbying skills.

The sessions will also focus on individual architects, offering attendees a “Personal Action Plan” meant to assist them in their advocacy efforts before, during, and after the event.

“SpeakUp is not another multi-track conference in a cavernous ballroom with a crystal chandelier and a passive learning environment,” the AIA website says. “Through shared discussion and skills based trainings participants will be active participants in hands-on workshops, role playing and first-hand interactions with political experts.”

In comments on the event, AIA President Russ Davidson said that the conference will emphasize some of the association’s most important values.

“AIA members believe that advocating for the profession is one of the Institute’s highest priorities,” Davidson said in a news release. “SpeakUp will give architects the tools they need to be more active and engaged in the political and governmental processes, helping ensure they have a seat at the table when big policy decisions are made.”



Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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